Many ways how you can tackle poverty using your phone

Many ways how you can tackle poverty using your phone

April 23, 2024, 9:59 p.m.

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Many ways how you can tackle poverty using your phone

In an uprising world of Internet, mobile phones have surpassed their role as communication devices. They’ve become powerful tools for social change, enabling innovative solutions to address poverty. Some of the remarkable new ways phones can help us resolve poverty are:

1. Text-to-Give (TTG) and Text-to-Donate

Text-to-Give (TTG): During disasters or urgent events, charities promote a keyword and a short code. Donors text this code, choose an amount (usually $5 or $10), and the donation is charged to their mobile phone bill. The funds are then passed on to an intermediary and eventually reach the charity. While TTG is fast and convenient, it has limitations, including anonymity and difficulty claiming tax deductions.

Text-to-Donate: With text-to-donate, donors use their phones to connect directly to the campaign or charity’s website. This method allows for more flexibility and transparency. Donors can explore different causes, learn more about the impact of their contribution, and make informed decisions.

2. Mobile Apps for Donations

Donorbox: An all-in-one fundraising platform that simplifies giving for both nonprofits and donors. It accepts donations via digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal Checkout, and Venmo.

RoundUp App: Businesses offer customers the option to round up their purchases and donate the spare change to charity. Charity Miles: An app that allows users to earn money for their chosen charity by walking, running, or biking.

Fundly: A crowdfunding platform that enables individuals and organizations to raise funds for various causes.

Snowball: A mobile giving solution that makes donating easy and accessible from anywhere.

3. Recycling Old Phones for Charity

Second Wave Recycling: Donate old phones, iPods, tablets, and other devices. Functional devices are refurbished and sold for cash, while older ones are recycled.

4. Supporting Creative Content on Charity Websites

Engage with Content: Visit charity websites, read their blogs, watch videos, and engage with their social media content. Every view, like, and share helps spread awareness and supports their cause. Participate in Fundraising Campaigns: Many charities organize creative campaigns (virtual events, art auctions, challenges). Participate actively and encourage others to join.

Share Stories: Share personal stories related to the charity’s mission. Authentic narratives resonate with others and inspire action.

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Written by Pavle Đurakić for Hearts` Calling


Written by Pavle


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